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Our VegePooch loyalty program is an exclusive rewards program for VegePooch customers and friends. This program gives you access to a wide range of discounts and benefits as a token of our appreciation for your faithfulness to VegePooch.

Becoming a Member is Simple:

  • Everyone who registers as a VegePooch member is automatically registered as a VegePooch loyalty member with “Regular” member status.
  • To earn points, you may either shop via our online store  VegePooch.com.au or refer a friend to VegePooch.
  • Every AUD dollar spent on VegePooch.com.au purchases is equivalent to one loyalty point.
  • For every friend you refer to us who subsequently places an order with VegePooch, we will credit 100 loyalty points into your account. (Please tell your friends to notate your name under the heading “How did you hear of VegePooch?” when they place their first order.)
  • Your membership level (“Regular” or “VIP”) depends on the number of loyalty points you have earned.

 General Terms and Conditions:

  • Membership level and benefits are not transferable and may only be used by the registered member.
  • Misuse of membership or benefits may result in the termination or suspension of your VegePooch loyalty membership.
  • VegePooch reserves the right to modify the structure, benefits, terms and conditions at any time. We will use reasonable efforts to notify members of these changes. However, it is ultimately the member’s responsibility to remain current on any program changes before taking advantage of membership benefits.

Terms and Conditions for Achieving VIP Membership Level: 

  • Members will be issued a virtual membership card in their “My Account” page on our website (http://www.vegepooch.com.au/index.php/customer/account/login/). Details about order history, membership status and eligible benefits will be displayed accordingly.
  • In the program, there are two levels of membership: “Regular Member” and “VIP Member”. 
  • Newly registered members start as “Regular” members. Members with 400 or more accumulated loyalty points will be elevated to “VIP” status. The table below summarizes the details of the two membership levels.
  • VIP Members are privileged members who will receive 50% discounts each time VegePooch launches new pet food products. PLEASE NOTE: The 50% discount is available for 1 (one) item of our new range, regardless on the product’s price.
  • Discounts are not applicable toward shipping or reshipping charges and are not refundable.


Membership Levels

Regular Member

VIP Member

Eligibility Requirement

 All newly joined members or  members with 0-399 accumulated loyalty points

 Members with 400 or more      accumulated loyalty points

Member Benefits

 ð  Free gift for every order placed  (minimum order total is $80.00aud)

 ð  Accrued Loyalty Points  with every purchase ($1 spent = 1 point)

 ð  Exclusive newsletter and offers for member only

 ð  Members Only Competitions

 ð  Redeem $5aud** discount     for every 100 loyalty points earned

 ð  Or… save your points and be upgraded to privileged level


 ð  Free gift for every order placed, regardless of order total

 ð  Accrued Loyalty Points with every purchase ($1 spent = 1 point)

 ð  Exclusive newsletter and offers for member only

 ð  Members Only Competitions

 ð  Redeem $5aud** discount for every 100 loyalty points earned

 ð  50% discount on 1 (one) new pet food item during new food product launches

 ð  Or… request a free mini sample pack

** Must have minimum of 100points, before points can be use to redeemed discount.

 If you have any further queries with regard to our loyalty program or our products, please do not hesitate to send an email to our friendly staff! We look forward to you experiencing the VegePooch loyalty program benefits, and we thank you for your business!