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About Vegepooch

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VegePooch is an independent AU-based supplier of vegan and vegetarian foods, treats and accessories for companion animals. Because we have a passion to create healthier lifestyles for our own animal companions, we started the VegePooch website with the desire to make healthy alternative products readily available to all pet guardians.


We pride ourselves on offering nutritious, cruelty-free, plant-based food items that have been proven safe and nutritious over the past two decades. NONE of our products are tested on animals, and NONE of our products contain any slaughterhouse ingredients, dairy or eggs. We have scrutinized the ingredients to determine their specific function and health benefits. No bi-products or other scary and unnecessary ingredients allowed!


We have gone to great lengths to research a variety of vegan and vegetarian foods and have selected brands we are confident you can trust. The companies from whom we’ve chosen to source our products share our beliefs and concern for promoting the welfare and happiness of all animals. We are proud to present you with these quality brands - all under one roof - for your convenience and for your furry family member’s health and happiness!